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Marinex Analogue MicroSwitch Analogue  
Marinex Analogue
Marinex Analogue was discontinued on 1st January 1st 2004
The Marinex Analogue Telephone Exchange was designed for use on board ships for both internal and external communications. It has a maximum capacity of 120 internal extensions and provides all normal telephone functions including priority intrusion, call transfer, call groups etc.
Standard is a dual 24V DC and 110/230V AC power supply with automatic changeover between supplies.

Product features
• Designed specifically for the marine market
• Internal/ external communications
• Dual Power Supply
• Uses standard telephones
• Cabinet or Rack mountable
• Compact modular construction
• PC programmable
• Simple to install

Technical features
Number of Extensions:
8-120 DTMF or Pulse

Number of Tie Lines: 
8-0 DTMF or Pulse

Number of speech paths:
8 or 16 paths

Height: 165 mm
Depth: 447 mm
Width: 541 mm
Weight: 27.3 kgs max
Power Supply:
110/220V AC; 24V DC 5A