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MicroSwith Digital Support

MicroSwitch Digital User Manual V3 for V2.xx firmware (233KB)
The user manual for microSwitch Digital in PDF.

microSwitch Digital configurAID V0.1.38 - Only for C2002 processor boards
Updated: 09 May 2013
The latest configurAid version is 0.1.38. To install configurAID, copy the file to you hard disk and then double-click the file. An installer program will appear.
configurAID-MSWD.msi (1.7MB)

Please note that this software is only for C2002 processor boards. The C2002 processor board has been replaced by a new board C2012. The C2012 and C2022 have different programming methods.
This version of configurAID can convert a C2002 configuration file to a C2012 or C2022. Instructions available here.

microSwitch Digital firmware V2.50 - Only for C2002 processor boards
Updated: 2 Oct 2009
There are three issues of the C2002 processor card, with different firmware. The easiest method to tell the different issues is that the Serial Port connector is at the bottom for Issue 1 and near the top for Issue 2 and 3.This is a recommended upgrade for all versions.

microSwitch Digital C2002 Issue 1: (40K)
microSwitch Digital C2002 Issue 2 and 3: (50K)