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Marinex Analogue Support

User manual for Marinex Analogue. marinex User Manual PDF (1.2MB)

User manual for marinAID for Windows.
marinAID for windows PDF (170KB)

marinAID for windows V3.2.6 Updated: December 2012
This is a hardware/software solution for programming marinex Analogue in
windows. The connection to the PC is by USB. (4.2MB)

marinAID V2.03 Updated: 06 May 1997

marinAID V2.03 is no longer supported.

The MS-DOS based configuration program for marinex.
The programs only works under MS-DOS. It does NOT work under windows.
The computer must be re-booted into MS-DOS before using.

Download the file and then extract to c:\marinaid.
To run the program, please type marinAID (102K)